The Amazing Superstar British artist now officially verified Ays London exposes @TrendCityRadio and explains how they robbed a small fortune from him.

In this in-depth exposition, we dive a little deeper into the details of the dealings that British artist Ays London was exposed to in his encounter with TrendCity Radio.

In part two, Ays London shares some of the inner workings and tactics of Dj Ant and his operation at TrendCity Radio and the TrendCity show.

UC: Thank you for coming back and talking to us, Ays. So, what exactly does Dj Ant do?

AL: DJ Ant is a conman that uses his radio show and website as a front to steal money from musicians.

UC: Wow, how exactly does he do that?

AL: DJ Ant advertises his paid music services as fixtures on his website that will remain online FOREVER. However, he will delete all your paid products without warning due to his volatile personality and greed. This includes him deleting any music awards you have won, information about any of your songs charting on his radio show or any written reviews etc.

UC: Tell us a bit more about your success at TrendCity and how the journey unfolded?

AL: I was the most successful artist in TrendCity’s history and despite this, DJ Anthony deleted all records of my accomplishments from the @TrendCityRadio official website without any warning. I paid him thousands of Pounds for his services for over six years, and in the end it all amounted to nothing.

UC: What kind of smear campaign did they run against you on their website?

AL: They posted various malicious articles about me. Their hope was to ruin my good name and create a bad name for my reputation. After being called out for his actions, DJ Ant sent me countless direct messages to try and beg for my forgiveness and hoping that I would use his services again – but obviously it’s impossible to trust someone who could carry out such vicious attacks against you. There was basically a link to a review of one of my hit songs “Starry Eyed Remix”, and DJ Ant made that link redirect to a ferocious article that was written to smear my good name.

UC: So it seems like you’re really passionate about spreading awareness regarding the apparently bad and sinister tactics of trend radio. Why don’t you take this opportunity to share a message of encouragement to other indie artists hoping to become as successful as you?

AL: I want to warn the whole world about DJ Ant. I spent a small fortune on their most premium services over the years – and it’s a shock to have that amount to just a big scam in the end. I want people to stay away from TrendCity so that they can’t amass any more victims. I have a legal team that is working on taking action against DJ Ant, and I have also reported him to the Fraud Online department to investigate him – as I obviously don’t want anyone else to go through what I went through. Many of these promotion pages offer big things without any substance behind what they are saying.

Obviously, there are lots of legit & excellent radio stations & promoters out there doing an amazing job for artists & all their clients & providing them with a very good value for their money which Ays found & are using them on a regular basis but you have to find these people first. This is why it’s crucial for you to do your own research before you use anybody or hand over any of your hard earned cash. I have decided to speak out now to make sure I can raise awareness to this very serious & important issue unfortunately happening in the music & entertainment industry all over the world. I also want to make sure I protects other indie artists from falling victims to scammers & their gangs which are spread all over the website. Although I fought these very nasty people back but other artists might not be as strong as I was & decided to go away quietly after being robbed & also blocked by the scammers from all their social media platforms.

They used their own official website in their very dirty and vicious war against him and they also deleted him from their official website where all his very expensive promo work including all long and detailed professional written reviews about him and his international famous smash hits, mixtapes, albums and music videos etc. not to mention all his great music accomplishments, awards, pics etc, which he achieved all over the world over the years. It was like he had never been with them for nearly 7 years as they made sure they deleted anything to do with him from their own official website after blocking him from all their social media platforms to make sure didn’t have any access to any promo material which might have still survived on any of their social media platforms.

It was shocking to hear what Ays London has exposed about TrendCity Radio. He says he wishes all his fans, supporters and our readers as well as people all over the world to know about all the international music awards he has won over the years and unfortunately these evil people tried very hard to rob from him two years ago but he was smart enough to stop them.

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