Super Star Ays London from London, U.K. hits below the belt & exposes gang of thieves @TrendCityRadio who robbed his hard earned cash.

I go by the name of Ays London and I am an international artist with roots from London (United Kingdom). I have been rapping for nearly 16 years now and I am 28 years old. 

I have won several international music awards in the past, but I am still very hungry for more success and to win more international music competitions. 

Although I have been approached by several international music labels to sign deals, I prefer to remain independent. I want to create the music that I want and do not want a label to put restrictions on my creative process. I use my music to express real events which have happened to me or are happening in my life, which means I need to be completely free to do so. Music is like my therapy and my way of expressing myself. I would not have survived all these years without my music! 

I have collaborated with several extremely talented artists from the U.K. and often receive offers to collaborate with very talented and successful artists from all over the world. I will be considering collaborating soon with talented artists from all over the world. I have been featured in famous international blogs and well-known online magazines etc. 

I am currently working on a brand-new album which will be released soon. Unfortunately, the album was due to be released few months ago however it has been delayed due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. 

I am looking forward to releasing my brand-new album and promise my loyal fans all over the world that it will be worth the long wait! 

I will be releasing new visuals before dropping to the album. I have been doing this job for a very long time now and I always try very hard to improve my standards and produce better music to satisfy my loving and loyal fans all over the world. I owe my awesome fans everything I have in my life now and will never let them down and that is a promise l will always keep. 
Thanking you for your continued love and support. 

I want to give a big Shout Out to my current radio station @THEGRADIO for giving me unconditional support and excellent customer service during the last 22 months since l joined them. Obviously all this helped me a lot to recover from the big crisis and disaster these big scammers @TrendCityRadio put me through nearly 2 years ago. I highly recommend @THEGRADIO to all independent artists all over the world.

After speaking to the international well known British artist @AysLondon a short while ago and him telling us exclusively about how he got scammed on line nearly 2 years ago and lost thousands of pounds to a gang of big thieves and crooks unfortunately operating on the internet, we have decided to speak to him personally again to get more details about what really happened to him.

WARNING: we would strongly advise any musician to avoid using the services of @TrendCityRadio @TrendCityShow @TrendCityTop40 and its owner @itsDjAnt at all costs! 

DJ Ant is a conman that uses his radio show and website as a front to steal money from musicians. 

DJ Ant advertises his paid music services as fixtures on his website that will remain online FOREVER. However, he will delete all your paid products without warning due to his volatile personality and greed. This includes him deleting any music awards you have won, information about any of your songs charting on his radio show or any written reviews etc. 

Ays London was the most successful artist in TrendCity’s history and despite this, DJ Anthony deleted all record of his accomplishments from the @TrendCityRadio official website without any warning. This was 6 years worth of paid services  worth thousands  in £, including 32 No.1 smash hits and 3 #ArtistOfTheYear victories for 3 years in a row (2017, 2018 & 2019). 

Ays London was also winning the #ArtistOfTheYear competition for the year (2020) with 6 number ones songs, with the closest competitor on 5 numbers one songs. 

DJ Ant tried very hard to cheat Ays London and prevent him from winning this competition for the 4th year in a row. Ays London refused to be cheated and walked away from TrendCity’s services. To punish Ays London, DJ Ant  decided to delete everything about Ays London from their official website to get his revenge! 

DJ Ant also declared a very nasty, viscous, vindictive and dirty war against Ays London by trying very hard to destroy his good name and reputation as a very successful international and well known British indie artist. 

They illegally used their official website and all their other various social media platforms to spread malicious rumours and big lies about Ays London! 

This evil and wicked man @itsDjAnt switched the link to Ays London’s very latest expensive extended written review of his No.1 smash hit “Starry Eyed Remix” to another link that was a malicious, vindictive and very nasty article about Ays London which was full of lies, hate and stories he made up and created using his very sick, twisted and disturbed mind! 

The original review cost a lot of money as it was extended to 3 paragraphs and was about the return of Ays London’s  international No.1. Song “Starry Eyed Remix”. Ays London paid a lot of money for this service which included international promotion on all his social media and official website etc. 

This lying and his malicious article stayed on the top of DJ Ant’s official website for over a month to make sure a lot of people would see it and read it. Its intent was to cause maximum damage to Ays London personally and destroy his good name and reputation for being known as a very successful and well-known British indie artist etc. 

Since this took place, DJ Ant has approached Ays London few times and begged him in long messages to return to his music company (TrendCityRadio) and start using his dodgy radio station again. DJ Ant kept apologizing to Ays London several times in very long DM messages and he promised him personally this will never happen again etc. Naturally, Ays London has rejected DJ Ant’s plead for him to return as he doesn’t trust him due to his sabotage and for taking advantage of him financially and personally. Ays London does not trust such a vindictive man especially after the malicious things he did. 

Ays London would now like to warn the whole world of DJ Ant to make sure he never steals money from another indie artist again by illegally using his official website and all his other social media platforms as he did with Ays London! 

To avoid becoming another one of his victims, please stay away from @TrendCityRadio @TrendCityShow @TrendCityTop40 

Ays London has overwhelmingly evidence to support his claims and is open to sharing the evidence with anyone who requests it. All the evidence shows the same this: that DJ Ant is a very big thief and a crook and can’t be trusted at all. 

Ays London has also reported DJ Ant to the Fraud online department whom are investigating him at the moment and also reported him to other authorities for committing theft and fraud. 

Ays London is currently in talks with his legal team as he very seriously considers taking legal action in a court of law against the big thief and crook @itsDjAnt for stealing thousands of pounds from him over the years.

Ant is a big thief.

Ays London is glad he has decided to speak out now and name and shame this very dangerous big gang of thieves and crooks @TrendCityRadio @TrendCityShow @TrendCityTop40 unfortunately operating on line to make sure he raises awareness all over the world to this very serious and important issue unfortunately happening in the music and entertainment industry. He also doesn’t want any other new independent artist to become another victim to these gangs of scammers unfortunately operating freely on the internet.

Ays London talked to us about his hard journey in the industry and the times where he got stabbed in the back by fake industry marketers. He was artist of the year for three years in a row and has acclaimed numerous awards during his long career as a musician. He has been damaged by a radio station which made him invest thousands and thousands of dollars which he worked hard to earn. He says that every artist that wants to get involved with sketchy radio stations or private promoters should do their own research before starting to work with these ‘viral’ companies. He says: “there are so many crooks & big thieves out there on line using lots of dirty tricks & tactics to steal your hard earned cash. They are basically parasites & want to steal your money on line without working for it. They all make lots of promises to make sure they get your money & they never deliver any of this very big promises.” This thing happened to him 2 years ago. After nearly 7 years of working together and helping them grow by giving them an audience and raising them to 90k followers.

He spent a small fortune over the years purchasing their most expensive promotion packages from them on a regular basis. They got big over the years as lots of other international artists felt they can do a good promo job & the example was @AysLondon himself which @TrendCityRadio made sure they used in most of their mega international promo campaigns for their business. After nearly 7 years working with them they tried to get rid of him so they declared war against him where they tried every trick in the book to destroy him as an artist by spreading malicious lies and rumors about him on all their social media platforms.

Now he says he doesn’t want any other struggling artist to face the same stuff he did so he wants to spread awareness to people to not believe simple promotion pages without a professional background to them. 

There are lots of legit & excellent radio stations & promoters out there doing an amazing job for artists & all their clients & providing them with a very good value for their money which Ays found & are using them on a regular basis but you have to find these people first. This is why it’s crucial for you to do your own research before you use anybody or hand over any of your hard earned cash. He has decided to speak out now to make sure he can raise awareness to this very serious & important issue unfortunately happening in the music & entertainment industry all over the world. He also wants to make sure he protects other indie artists from falling victims to scammers & their gangs which are spread all over the website. Although I fought these very nasty people back but other artists might not be as strong as he was & decided to go away quietly after being robbed & also blocked by the scammers from all their social media platforms.

They used their own official website in their very dirty and vicious war against him and they also deleted him from their official website where all his very expensive promo work including all long and detailed professional written reviews about him and his international famous smash hits, mixtapes, albums and music videos etc. not to mention all his great music accomplishments, awards, pics etc, which he achieved all over the world over the years. It was like he had never been with them for nearly 7 years as they made sure they deleted anything to do with him from their own official website after blocking him from all their social media platforms to make sure didn’t have any access to any promo material which might have still survived on any of their social media platforms.

He says he wishes all his fans, supporters and our readers as well as people all over the world to know about all the international music awards he has won over the years and unfortunately these evil people tried very hard to rob from him two years ago but he was smart enough to stop them.

Your boy, 
Ays London.

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