Romeo Hart – Biggest Underground NYC Artist

We had the chance to sit down with Romeo Hart, one of the best upcoming rappers from New York. He is a versatile rapper who, despite all his challenges thrown at him during his life, has achieved success with his hard work and time put in his craft.

We had the opportunity to sit down with him for an interview where he put out more details from his life and upcoming projects for his music.

Romeo Hart

Romeo Hart – The interview

1. How would you describe your brand in two sentences?

1. Me as a brand I am for the streets the culture.. the have nots I am forever branded by the world and where I grew up.

2. There are hundreds and thousands of other creators who perform, but somehow you managed to pass them and grow yourself as a brand. What differs you from the others?

2.What makes me different from others is that I don’t stop learning and I always humble myself so I get can a blessing my way instead of a curse.. I out work everybody in everything I do.

3. When did you realize you have a talent for music?

3. When I was born I was young I always use to dance to music and copy the rappers lyrics and perform in my room or outside with friends or family that’s when I knew I wanted to do something with music and entertainment.

4. How do you feel with other social medias like TikTok, triller etc?

4. All social media are good social media but I use what I can for my core fan base for promo and new videos.

5. What social media platform resonates with you the most?

5. YouTube & SoundCloud & INSTAGRAM

Part 2

6. Are you planning to release any songs in the future?


7. What are the strongest and weakest points you have as an artist?

7. My strongest points is I make my own beats & I can audio engineer as well.. my weakness is overdoing a completed song & lack of consistency

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

8. I see myself enjoying my life if I still here breathing.

9. What advice do you have for upcoming musicians?

9.My advice is that you should focus on the music always not the drama and bs and always stay ready to perform.

10. To end this interview, do you have anything exclusive to unveil to us?

10. I have a lot special artist and names back me up right so in the next few months I know my life will change.

Our time with him was a blast. We are hardly waiting for his upcoming projects and we think that shortly RomeoHart will have a big impact on the mainstream music industry. We give his music one of the highest ratings 9.5/10.

Make sure to go visit his youtube channel to be up to date with everything that he posts because you’ll be hearing from him much more in the upcoming months.

Check out his latest music featuring “The Game” on Youtube:

Romeo Hart Youtube Music Video

To be up to date with the latest drops, make sure to check in regularly at www.nydrops.com on instagram or our website.

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