Richey Richh – The Hard Path To Fame

We sat down and had a talk with Richey Richh, one of the best upcoming rappers and the CEO of @gogettazonlyent. He is one of the most talented rappers out here and you can see that he is serious with his craft in the moment you check his music and the time and effort he invests also in his visuals. His life wasn’t as easy as most of the rappers but his hard work and his determination made him the man who he is today and now he is reaping the success of his work. His latest drop “yessir” is a certified banger and we are more than sure you will like it the second you hear it. Check out the interview below for some insight on who Richey Richh is and in his future projects.

Richey B on a Lamborghini
Richey B during his photoshoot.

The Interview

1. How would you describe your brand in two sentences?

A Diamond In The Rough, Rising Up To Shine. A Go Getta Before I Become A Gold digger.

2. There are hundreds and thousands of other creators who perform, but somehow you managed to pass them and grow yourself as a brand. What differs you from the others?

I’m Very versatile, passionate, creative and love to be the one to stand out.

3. When did you realize you have a talent for music?

After I come home from being incarcerated for 2 yrs in OCFS Brookwood Secured Center Where I advocated to have a studio setup on each wing which was granted and gave me the chance to practice on my craft and resulted with me leaving with over 30 potential hit songs. 

4. How do you feel with other social medias like TikTok, triller etc?

I feel it’s kool it’s entertainment for the world.

5. What social media platform resonates with you the most?

Instagram is the most resonating social media platform for me.

6. Are you planning to release any songs in the future?

Every chance I get which will be very often.

7. What are the strongest and weakest points you have as an artist?

Strong cause I’m versatile, creative, passionate, consistent, dedicated.

Finding my way to gain exposure and actually become famous and be known as an artist 

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Rich and famous living life for all the times I couldn’t.

9. What advice do you have for upcoming musicians?

All Gas No Breaks It’s Go Gettaz Only.

10. To end this interview, do you have anything exclusive to unveil to us?

Stay tuned for my road to success. You will have a lot to see.

Stream The Music

A smart, hardworking and dedicated man. That’s what you can understand from the interview with him. We loved him on our interview and we’ll look forward to talk again. In the meantime, check out his music video “Yessir” on his youtube channel:

If you wanna stream his songs also on Spotify, make sure to check the link below:

We love his music and all of his work, and our rating for Richey Richh is 9.5/10, which is one of the highest ratings we have given for artists. Stay updated with what he does because you are going to hear his name soon all over the world.

If you wanna hear about the latest drops, @nydrops got you covered.

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