R. Kelly will be in his 80s when/if he gets out of prison, but there are still concerns the old man will remain a threat — especially to minors — so, he’ll have to live under a slew of strict conditions and counseling.

When Judge Ann M. Donnelly handed down Kelly’s 30-year sentence for federal sex crimes, she also ordered mental health treatment for the singer upon his release. According to docs, his treatment will include therapy for an unspecified sexual disorder, and he must avoid all contact with anyone under 18.

That seems like a no-brainer, considering how the disgraced R&B hitmaker ended up in prison — but there are even more criteria.

As we reported … prosecutors said Kelly is especially menacing to society, because he’d continued his criminal behavior for years after standing trial in Chicago for sex crimes. Seems that struck a chord with the judge, who ordered Kelly must inform anyone choosing to live with him that he is a sex offender.

The only way he’ll be allowed to be around someone under 18 is if it’s a family member, or it’s in a therapeutic setting with a “responsible adult” present — ditto for associating with convicted sex offenders. And, all of the above scenarios would first have to be approved by his probation officer.

He’s gonna get to know that P.O. very well — Kelly will remain under supervised release for 5 years once he gets out … and, that’s just for this sentence.

Kelly still has another federal trial and 2 state trials to face, and if he’s convicted again … he’ll likely face even more restrictions.

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