Nipsey Hussle’s murder trial continued with testimony from another man who was allegedly shot by Eric Holder the day Nipsey was killed — though he remained pretty tight-lipped on the stand.

Kerry Lathan was shot in the back during the same incident where Nipsey died. While prosecutors asked Lathan a variety of questions, he didn’t seem to want to get into specifics — especially when it came to identifying who was present and naming names.

At one point, prosecutors played a video purportedly showing Lathan arriving at Marathon Clothing that day, but Lathan wouldn’t confirm it was him in the clip, saying, “I don’t know nothing, don’t see nothing.”

He testified when the shooting started, he heard “a lot” of shots, but wouldn’t identify who he thought pulled the trigger.

Prosecutors asked Lathan, “You don’t want to testify about what happened?” to which Lathan responded, “That’s right.”

As we reported, Holder allegedly told Nipsey, “You’re through” before killing the rapper. Lathan was asked if he heard anything said during the shooting, but replied with, “He wasn’t talking to me.”

During opening statements Wednesday, prosecutors warned Lathan may not be very cooperative because of the involvement of Rolling 60’s gang members in the case … so his hesitation to be totally open about the events isn’t totally surprising.

The trial will resume Monday.

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