As more overzealous fans get handsy with rappers, the more consequences they face — just ask this poor guy, who got ejected off stage through the force of Lil Baby’s burly bodyguard.

The Atlanta MC was performing in Switzerland this week — at the Openair Frauenfeld Festival, no less — when at one point during his set … some bloke crashed the performance and seemingly tried making contact with LB by rushing him.

You can see Lil Baby bracing for the dude, putting his arm out in what looks to be a deterrent move — this while he was mid-rap — but luckily … security swooped right in the nick of time, and did so with some oomph.

As you can see, a guard bodied the intruder … and sent him hurdling toward the front row barricade — which he eventually slammed up against only to be left flailing on the ground.

@schweizer.dennis #openairfrauenfeld ♬ Originalton – Dennis Schweizer

Unclear what ended up happening to this man … we imagine he was taken to a hospital, but may have also gotten rung up for the stunt. Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first crazy encounter with a brave spectator. Roddy Ricch went through something similar this week.

That’s not all … even Cardi B had to unload on someone from the crowd who made contact during a performance of hers as well. In that instance, she handled the grabber herself.

All this going-up-on-stage-and-attacking-performers has been happening a lot more lately … or at least we seem to be seeing it a lot more, anyway.

It happened with Dave Chappelle, which some saw as a direct result of the Will Smith slap. Unclear if these are connected at all — but one thing’s for sure, folks are feeling ballsy.

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