Honourable Drops Honderstand, this year’s hit

Honourable aims to express his opinions on life and his peculiar experiences with friends, family, females, business partners, and acquaintances through his distinct sound. 

An immigrant to the United states from Nigeria at the tender age of 15 but also introduced to the western R&B and hip hop community from early childhood. 

Honourable’s taste for music has long been influenced by the sounds of mainstream artists the likes of Don Toliver, Chris Brown, Drake, The Weekend, Bryson Tiller amongst much more, but he gives his takes on music as it comes to him and expresses his emotions in every line, vibe with what he has to offer now as it is only the beginning of Greatness.

Honourable – The interview

1. How would you describe your brand in two sentences?

1.Brand is a new generation. My brand is flawless. Free backstage passes for my family and making sure that everybody who does good by me is happy for the 

rest of their lives.

2. There are hundreds and thousands of other creators who perform, but somehow you managed to pass them and grow yourself as a brand. What differs you from the others?

2.What differs? God. The fact that I have god. I want my fellow angels to know that god is coming. Honor. My purpose on earth is to spread love and positivity. 

3. When did you realize you have a talent for music?

3.I was five. In a church. We had a kids presentation. I didn’t have a mic so I started yelling by signing. Everyone was stoked to hear my voice. That’s when I knew that I am going to conquer the world with my music.

4. How do you feel with other social medias like TikTok, Triller etc?

4.I love TikTok. It’s one of the platforms which allow artists to spread their creativity and talent through short videos.

5. What social media platform resonates with you the most?

5.I think Tiktok and Instagram.

Part 2

6.Are you planning to release any songs in the future?

6.I have plans to drop three projects. A solo projects where every song is gonna be by me and another project with the artists of the next generation. Information about the third one is coming soon.

7. What are the strongest and weakest points you have as an artist?

7.I personally believe as an artist that as long as I have god, there is nothing I can’t do with my voice.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

8.In five years, maybe even sooner, I plan to be the biggest artist on my generation. 

9. What advice do you have for upcoming musicians?

9.Just get in the freaking studio man. The world is big. People found me. People can also find you.

10. To end this interview, do you have anything exclusive to unveil to us?

10.Just wait. Chicago suburbs has the next generation of chart-toppers.


We had a great time with Honourable. He is humble, hardworking and a born talent with gifts. We give his music one of the highest ratings of 9/10. Check his music in the links below.

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