Gillie Da Kid’s war of words with Rick Ross has now drifted into Gillie questioning how Ross has conducted business with his artists, namely Meek Mill.

After responding to claims he was a “fraud,” Gillie unleashed a tirade on Instagram Friday (July 15) telling Ross to stop playing with him and brought up the MMG rapper’s beef with Birdman over money owed to DJ Khaled, among other things.

“That’s ya problem, ya always mindin’ n-ggas business,” Gillie began around the 55-second mark. “You was mindin’ Birdman business some years back when you was running around talkin’ about, ‘Give Khaled the money you owe him!’”

He then brought up Meek: “Well you give Meek the money you owe him, n-gga. Cause you got him in a 1914 slave deal! A Harriet Tubman joint that he signed when he was 19 and now he’s 35! Why you ain’t renegotiate with a real n-gga?

“Thank God he’s fuckin’ with them white boys. He’d fuck around, be broke, busted, and disgusted fuckin’ with you. But he’s a hell of a businessman, though. Salute to you Meek.”

Meek’s been signed to Maybach Music Group since 2011 and the partnership has resulted in several hit singles and No. 1 records for Meek but there have been rumors of trouble between him and Rozay. In May, Akademiks added fuel to the fire by suggesting Meek had wanted off MMG for at least a year, but Ross wants Meek to complete the terms of his deal.

“One of your favorite artists who’s claimin’ that they lit, they a boss, they do whatever — they’re signed to another n-gga,” Akademiks said in a YouTube clip. “And allegedly, they beefin’ with the other n-gga because they’re trying to get off the label. That’s what I heard.”

Meek has been focused on adjusting the business side of his career in recent weeks, ending his longtime management deal with Roc Nation after 10 years.

The ending of the partnership was amicable, according to Meek as he and JAY-Z are still on good terms.

“I’m personally handling my own business so I can take risk and grow ..we came to that agreement together,” he tweeted on Monday (July 11). “I have a label deal with roc for my artist and I got reform super tied with them and many other investments wit jigga.”

However, he detailed his main issue stemmed with Atlantic Records, who he claims “starved” him out of millions of dollars despite being signed to the label since 2014.

“I been signed to Atlantic/MMG since 2014 it used to be Warner only made 11m on records out of like a 100m,” he added. “I only could drop every 9 months something a lawyer never explained to me and they removed me from all festivals also.”

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