DDG’s celebrating a big legal victory — he’s no longer facing charges for illegal gun possession — and it’s perfect timing, as the platinum-selling rapper has a big summer tour.

We spoke to DDG’s manager, Dimitri Hurt … who tells TMZ Hip Hop the new California gun laws allowing for more concealed weapons also played into the District Attorney’s decision to reject the case and not pursue charges.

An excited DDG took to Instagram to celebrate the news, thanking Dimitri and jokingly calling vlogger Charleston White his “lawyer” in Akademiks comment section … but it’s actually Dimitri.

TMZ Hip Hop broke open the story … LAPD pulled over DDG on June 7 for allegedly speeding and swerving in his Lambo, and he admitted having a loaded firearm in the whip.

Dimitri says DDG did make the honest mistake of speeding to a video shoot with the firearm, but with the charges dropped, he’s now clear to travel for work.

This week, it’s onward to Europe for the U.K.’s 2022 Wireless Fest, a Rolling Loud Portugal … followed by shows in Amsterdam, Germany, Denmark and Poland as they make their way back to the U.S.

No need for boxing rings now, DDG’s got arenas to rock!

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