Asian Doll got into a physical altercation over the weekend after a woman allegedly attempted to steal her diamond chain. A video of the incident surfaced on Sunday (August 21) and shows the rapper being held back by several onlookers as she lunges at the would-be thief.

“Dumb bitch, are you stupid?” she shouts at the woman. A person filming the fight is heard saying, “Stop playing with them, Asian! Turn that shit up, Asian. On blood, turn that shit up, Asian!”

Security ultimately jumps in and pulls the two women apart before Asian Doll is rushed to an awaiting vehicle. The woman later explained her side of the story in a Facebook post, claiming she was simply trying to take a photo with Asian Doll.

“The whole time she was fucking with me,” she said. “I’m snatching that shit. I grabbed that shit with all my might. That shit did not come off.”

Asian Doll later hopped on Twitter to further taunt the woman and assure everyone she won the fight.

“We snatching hoes out they fake dior fuck laughing aint shit funny,” she began. “Me touching the ground don’t even sound right Ms. dior & when they put you outside I ran after you & started beating you up 1 on 1 you ain’t even wanna fight no more fr bitch I go crazy in real life we all from the hood tf.

“I ain’t even speak on the situation nor was I mad because I literally got my 1 on 1 & WON. ms. I needed that Shit but got knots instead[.] I’ll never fall plus it’s too many n-ggas around me for me to even hit the ground.

She concluded, “After she reached that bitch saw nun else but stars don’t let the Santa clause off Friday after next lie to y’all that bitch was stressed & almost Died.”

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